Maximum utilization of available resources

Not quite right? fill the gap! Dosen't really Fit? Take all your space! 

I don't try to compete with large cabinet outfits for kitchens, etc., but occasionally something interesting- curves, fancy veneers, unconventional engineering- comes along. Bathroom vanities; a pool-house (!) media cabinet. A violin shop, with fixtures made of the same highly-figured maple used for their instruments; a towering bookcase of solid walnut, planks ten feet long, fastened with a system of hidden cleats so the shelves seem to float over the wall.

About Kent Odell

For over 30 years we have designed and built custom furniture for private clients, designers, and architects in sleekly contemporary, Art Deco, traditional Chinese Forms, Arts and Crafts in the manner of Greene and Greene.

Fine custom wood cabinets, desks and offices, tables, seating, dining rooms, sideboards, buffets, chairs, beds and dressers, built-ins, bookcases, doors, mantles, jewelry boxes, toys, accessories, lamps, clocks, wood sculpture.

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