Luxe, calme et volupté

You don't have to suffer, to be beautiful.

Should this be considered boudoir furniture? Certainly a number of these pieces address the feminine, and the private; they find their place in private rooms: chambres. They call for a little extra refinement; the insides of drawers are as finely finished as the fronts, which fit just so.

About Kent Odell

For over 30 years we have designed and built custom furniture for private clients, designers, and architects in sleekly contemporary, Art Deco, traditional Chinese Forms, Arts and Crafts in the manner of Greene and Greene.

Fine custom wood cabinets, desks and offices, tables, seating, dining rooms, sideboards, buffets, chairs, beds and dressers, built-ins, bookcases, doors, mantles, jewelry boxes, toys, accessories, lamps, clocks, wood sculpture.

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