The construction method of this table is similar to the Ideogram table's: hollow lacquered base, solid wood top and stretchers. The ends of the twin stretchers are secured to the piers with wedged or 'tusk" tenons, which provide great stiffness to a light structure.

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Cloud-Lift End

Cloud-Lift End

This suite of tables in cherry, for a Craftsman-style home, incorporates a "cloud-lift"

Volante table

Volante table

The construction method of this table is similar to the Ideogram table . . .

Schaefer table

Schaefer Table

All elements come from one slab of walnut, of my clients' choosing

Marlene table

Marlene table

This is the perfect place to set your martini. A 40s photo noir, a stemmed glass

Ideogram Table Detail

Ideogram Table

The stretcher, also wenge, seen here in the detail, is let into . . .

duck table

Duck table

Tweaked the Duck design for dining, end and coffee tables . . .

Morgan's table

Morgan's table

Morgan had glassed in a portion of the colonnade surrounding her home

Glass-top table

Glass-top table

I’d originally made this Mid Century-style coffee table without the

Mahogany dining suite

Mahogany Dining Suite

learning a whole different design vernacular, in this case Duncan Phyfe

Cherry dining suite

Cherry Dining Suite

Beautiful table expands to accommodate additional sitter.

Ashley's dining table

Ashley's Dining Table

Ash favors a French Provincial look, which gave me the opportunity to make cabriole legs

De Wolf

De Wolf Dining Table

practical, and expanding, for an expanding family, including grandchildren

Hemsley dining suite

Hemsley dining suite

The material is African mahogany a good choice for furniture that is somewhat exposed.

Haygood dining suite

Haygood dining suite

The Haygoods didn't want a table that split . . .

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